Thank God She Yelled At Me

I still don’t know what I was thinking. I was wrong though. And in the most loving way she yelled at me.

She shouted my name and then something about forgetting the argument in favor of getting the Taco Bell fix she’s been asking for on Facebook for about a day now. When I’d first read her post I immediately wanted to go get Taco Bell and surprise her but I figured if she still hadn’t gotten her fix when I saw her I would give her the cash to treat herself.

I’ve never been so thankful for being shouted at, and I had to hug her for it. I needed it. I needed someone to remind me that I’m better than the petty arguments and worthy of real friends that truly know me. I don’t have to hide or disguise who I am, so I understand that it is super hard for people to trust me. I am honest and real, and even I have a hard time trusting honest and real people. They have trouble trusting me too. It’s rough.

Love sometimes sounds like a friend yelling over your own screams to remind you of your worth.

[Thank you, Haley. Enjoy your Taco Bell. Next time I will be in better shape to go with you. I love you!]


So, it has been a really long time since I posted. However, I am back.

Back online.

Back in Austin.

Back to being the best me I know how to be…er…at least I’m trying to get back there.

The Last Thing I Needed

Today was a day of last things . If it was the last thing I needed then, by fairly early in the day, I was certain it was gonna happen to me. Nothing seemed to go my way, and everyone seemed to be okay except for me. I heard a lot of people say they also could not handle just how strange the series of events in their everyday life had become, but I know there was no way all of these things were happening, spontaneously and simultaneously, but the stark reality is that it is happening. All of it. I don’t believe in coincidence anyway, but this level of coincidence is literally impossible. However, I am aware that I follow a God of impossibilities. I finally realized either God had a hand in this or He did not. I realized as I considered this that I know He has a hand in everything that happens. Nothing happens without Him. I wish I could go back and let Him do things His way instead of insisting upon my own way and messing it all up.

The truth is a scary thing sometimes. My current situation is the scariest of my life.

Tell the TRUTH…

The truth is…though you may never admit it…mental illness sucks. In the weeks to come we will be taking a very candid look at the faces of mental disease, and finding ways to combat stress related to living with such illnesses.

If you or someone you know battles mental illness, please consider sharing your story with us.


Please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline if you or someone you know is in emotional distress. The number is (800)273-8255 [Press 1 if you are a Veteran or calling for a Veteran] and they can TRULY help. I don’t think I would even be sitting here today if it wasn’t for these guys. They are heroes, and they are waiting to walk you out of the fire.


No more silence…

For too long silence has killed us. It’s time to get honest about mental illness. Open up and share it. It’s not taboo. It isn’t weak. You aren’t “messed up.” Share your struggles so others can help carry your burdens. For some, that makes them HAPPY. Don’t take their happiness.

Hostile Takeover is taking a turn. Instead of blind truth, we will start taking an honest, open look at the truth of mental illness.

Maybe if we stop being silent we can all help end the struggle.

Submit your story or the story of a loved one struggling with mental illness. Share how suicide has almost taken your life or the life of someone you love. Tell us how suicide has taken the life of someone you know. Whatever your story…share it.

End the silence.

It doesn’t work. It kills.

Even truth. Even one.

With love,

The Writers at The Hostile Takeover 

I’m sick.

God and I have this deep, personal relationship. And sometimes I don’t get Him. But whatever…


Your regularly scheduled programming will continue next week. This week I literally woke up the day after promising you stuff with a terrible cold. Sorry. God has a crazy sense of humor…but at least He has one.

Prayers and all manner of good vibes appreciated. Love you!

I lied. My bad.

I lied to all of you. The debut of Hostile Takeover was scheduled, announced, and promoted for July 4, 2016; America’s Birthday. And while I fully intended to debut that day, life had its own ideas.

Most people know social media articles can’t always be trusted. The things we share on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites are often shared without thought or regard to the legitimacy of the information we are sharing. Everything is passed as truth, when in reality it is only the truth according to someone else. Truth today is often relative to the speaker, and it can seem impossible to discern the facts from the fiction.

I am just as guilty of this as anyone else. I have often had readers comment things like, “I’m not sure if this is fiction or non-fiction…” or message me with questions about the truth of what I’m writing. I have also had people outright state that my non-fiction is in fact fiction. Whatever. Not important. The important part is that it is my truth. You don’t have to believe it.

So, here at Hostile Takeover we have a plan. We’re going to bring you the truth according to you. I want to know your truth. No matter how unbelievable it is, and no matter what sort of “proof” you have, we really want your truth. We want to see truth on social media again. We want to see stories being shared that are truthful, relevant, and make an impact on our lives. What do you believe the rest of the world should know that nobody else “out there” is talking about right now?

I must admit that I was bummed when I missed my own deadline. I have so many great things to share, and so many great people working with me. It was like I failed them and myself…and you. But, I realized maybe it wasn’t such a tragedy. Maybe it was fate. Maybe it proved my very point; from the very start of this blog, my point is being made. You can’t trust everything you read. Personal responsibility for what you take in and believe is key. It shapes you, and therefore our world, in ways you would never believe.

Missing that deadline may have been the very best thing to ever happen to us at Hostile Takeover. It set our stage for truth. Just know that the lie was unintentional (and I assume most lies on social media are unintentional) and I will never knowingly publish anything on Hostile Takeover that is not true. This project will be an exploration of truth that we take together. Don’t be afraid to correct me. Don’t be afraid to question us. That’s exactly what we want. We want YOUR truth. Not ours being crammed down everyone’s throats.

Thanks for everyone’s patience…and thank you for all of your support. Keep living in truth, and keep your heads up.

Lots of love,

Jennifer Michelle Jones and the writers at Hostile Takeover



FRIDAY 7/15/2016

Sermons at the Capital – Ahmad Ranson takes to the streets to preach the word of God to Austin, TX.

Dawning of the Underworld – T.W.-GHCE shares the importance of awareness on social media, and personal responsibility for the world of information.

FRIDAY 7/22/2016

Finding Myself Again – Jennifer Michelle Jones relaunches her work for Dealing with the Blues at Let Me Tell U A Story after a year of personal exploration.


If you would like to submit to Hostile Takeover, please email your submission to and add “Hostile Takeover Submission” in the subject line. We do not open attachments so please paste your submission and any photos into the body of the email. Include any links and a short author’s bio you would like us to use if your submission is published.